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Basis for calculation of actual performance: The profit obtained by deducting the electricity cost of 0 yen (calculated on the basis of *6 and rounded down to the nearest yen) from the actual mining fee of 0.17419004 ETH for the year 2023, valued at the ETH/JPY rate of 381,000 yen on January 16, 2024, and the cost of the unit The figure was obtained by dividing the profit by 90,000 yen, which is the
The tax benefits consist of 30% corporate tax and 10% sales tax.
This is the assumed annual yield for BNB's Mining Boost as of April 25, 2024, and is the upper limit of the yield. This assumed yield is a figure that fluctuates daily depending on market conditions.
The total number of machines that have been sold and operated by the Company during the period November 1, 2022 to May 10, 2024 is 10,491.
Scheduled for release in July 2024.
The electricity bill for one year is 0.017 yen, assuming 30 yen/kWh.
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